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By combining simple, proven tools and frameworks—along with a data-driven approach to talent optimization—we’ll help you build Dream Teams that bring out the very best in your people and outperform the competition.

Rough waters are ahead When you’re paying people tax

Most businesses–regardless of the company size or industry–won’t reach their full potential this year. Instead, nagging people issues will create unnecessary business risk and destroy value. This “people tax” will come in the form of missed sales targets, delayed product launches, falling behind a key competitor, and other people-centric business frustrations.

For your business to operate at its full potential, you must get the people part right. This requires fully aligning your people practices with the fundamental needs of your business. This isn’t happening in most organizations, but there’s a fix for that.


Business problems are people problems


Chart your course to success Do better together.

Get clear

Get clear

Set your destination and
create your roadmap

Take control

Take control

Align your leaders, your people,
and your strategy

Achieve breakthrough

Achieve breakthrough

Bring your culture alive so that
it can thrive and drive results

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Discover The Gift of Culture™ Transforming people and profits for entrepreneurs by applying 9 Deeds in 90 Days.

Culture Fix Alive

Bring Your Culture Alive

Craft a cultural definition by bringing to light the unique sentiments of the culture and pinpointing the specific values that define it.

Culture Fix Thrive

Make Your Culture Thrive

Integrate the values into all aspects of the business by applying imagery to the cultural definition, designing meeting rhythms and establishing a Notice and Nominate™ scheme.

Culture Fix Drive

Let Culture Drive Performance

Decipher the CorePurpose™ (the why) and establish people processes that empower your teams and increase company performance. Measure the Return-on-Culture™ and continue to refresh and reinvest.


A deeper understanding of your strengths and caution areas. Predict on-the-job success with insights from the PI Behavioral Assessment™️



The drive to exert influence on people or events.



The drive for social interaction with other people.



The drive to have consistency and stability.



The drive to conform to rules and structure.

Bill Green, Business Guide

You're not alone

I'm Bill Green, your business guide

Sometimes you need help harnessing the power of human energy and navigating through rough waters — your own, personal business guide.

I’m totally obsessed with helping people bring their very best selves to groups, every day, so that they can change the world of work. In one form or another, I’ve been building and coaching teams for 30 years, guiding organizations to do awesome things — together.

A little about me

Before launching my coaching business in 2016, I spent most of my career as a corporate sales leader. Like you, I expected great results from my team and never took strong leadership for granted. I took plenty of lumps, though, as I learned how to hire the right people, inspire them to align with the broader vision, and work together to optimize their unique talents.

This was not easy. Ever. But it has become my purpose. I’ve built my business to guide you toward strengthening yours.



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